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Strong alliance with all the major cloud providers across the needs of collaboration, communication, security, storage, etc

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By Icewarp

Drive effective collaboration and enhance team productivity with Icewarp, the unified solution for email, chat, storage, and real-time collaboration.

Microsoft M365
By Microsoft

Power your workforce with the trust, versatility, and powerful collaboration tools offered by the Microsoft M365 suite to deliver enhanced employee experiences and unleash greater productivity.

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Microsoft Teams
By Microsoft

Empower your remote teams with the versatile and comprehensive Microsoft Teams and provide a centralized platform to coordinate on everything related to work

By Ziwo

Enhance customer satisfaction and provide on-demand customer support with Ziwo’s powerful omnichannel cloud contact center software and deliver engaging customer experiences to boost your NPS scores.   

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Acronis Cyber Files Cloud
By Acronis

Exclusively designed for service providers, Acronis Cyber Files Cloud provides a complete, secure, and intuitive file sync and share solution

File Cloud Powered by Next Cloud
By Cloud Host

Simplify and streamline file synchronization, sharing, and collaboration through a modern and easy-to-use web interface with Next Cloud Community Edition.