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Cloud Grid
By Cloud Host

Maximize the availability and reliability of your business operations while delivering enhanced customer experiences with CloudhHost’s CloudGrid virtual networks.

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By Amazon

Drive your cloud transformation and performance with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in the Amazon Web Services cloud. 

By Microsoft

Future-proof your business with comprehensive cloud hosting solutions from Microsoft Azure. Leverage the diverse cloud server hosting options to build scalable applications cost-effectively.

Dash Cloud
By Cloud Host

Built on the OpenStack framework, CloudHost’s DashCloud offers virtualized secure frameworks to empower small and medium-sized businesses to embark on the cloud transformation journey. 

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By CentOs

Back your high-performance applications with the security, stability, and customization of the powerful, open-source, and trusted open-source Linux distribution in CentOS

Microsoft CSP Licenses
By Microsoft

Extend your service offerings by becoming a licensed Microsoft product suite reseller with the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider license. 

Microsoft SPLA License
By Microsoft

Scale your XaaS platform with Microsoft’s extensive and powerful software suite and deliver customized solutions to meet your target audiences’ varying demands. 

Red Hat
By Red Hat

Deliver seamless services and innovate at pace and scale on any infrastructure with Red Hat, the open-source enterprise Linux OS 

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Blaze Cloud
By Cloud Host

CloudHost’s Blaze Cloud offers private cloud servers to empower you to make your operations more resilient and meet the evolving demands of your business.

Insta Cloud
By Cloud Host

InstaCloud is a one-stop shop for building virtual data centers and gives you access to easily customizable and maintainable architecture to scale your business at speed.