AppLite is a solution that lets you access your favourite application on any device from anywhere. Exactly how the moon is visible from everywhere no matter where you are.

IT applications have evolved significantly over the period, and the average user expects the applications to work seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices. With people working 24/7 from multiple locations, IT is expected to ensure the availability of workplace servers and applications around the clock.

Significant investments are made to ensure that employees always have access to applications and information as and when needed. AppLite, which is our application delivery platform, delivers the same seamless experience by bringing applications to the user in this dynamic era of mobility and cloud.

AppLite enables SMB’s to avail the enterprise grade technology at a fraction of the cost.

AppLites’s uniqueness addresses the need of moving business applications away from the desktop-bound software (installed on local server, and accessed by users) to the modern cloud way, where applications work across all types of networks, and locations beyond the confines of the physical workplace. AppLite has the capability to make any application including customized and legacy applications seamlessly available on any device, and that too on a user based pricing model.

The Platform is completely flexible to any level of infrastructure customization as demanded by the Application or the infrastructure compliance requirements. AppLite is powered by AutoScale infrastructure supported by the CloudScales Platform. This brings complete peace of mind to the user as well the IT Department without worrying about capacity or any infrastructure requirements.

Today AppLite supports more than 5 ISV’s and 20 applications that are tried, tested and made available. This does not stop here but continues as the partnerships and customer demands come to us to deliver.